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Five Star Financing Options

Don’t let the unexpected expense of an unrepairable HVAC equipment empty your bank account. Five Star Heating & Air Conditioning now has two types of financing available below. Sign up yourself, or give us a call – we’re happy to help you through it!

Financing through Wells Fargo Click the learn more box for further information.

Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air
Microf offers Hassle Free Lease to Own options making ownership of your residential heating and cooling system Easy!

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1. Own your home
2. Get your Free replacement estimate
3. Come into our office or fill out application online
4. Show vaild ID
5. Proof of income & banking information
6. Over the phone interview with Microf

The minimum requirements for Microf's Hassle Free products are:

1. Applicant and/or co-applicants must be homeowners with an active checking account and an in-force insurance policy

2. Homeowner must have sufficient verifiable monthly income to support the monthly payment associate with their heating and cooling system.

3. Homeowner must possess a comfort level with the monthly lease purchase payment for their residential replacement system