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Carrier® has done it again!  The latest innovation from Carrier is Greenspeed™ Intelligence – an absolute breakthrough in high-efficiency home comfort solutions  — Ultra-Quiet, Unwavering Comfort, & Energy Savings!

Greenspeed intelligence maximizes the performance of adaptable-speed technology, whether in the form of modulating valves or variable-speed compressors. The key to unlocking the full potential of adaptable-speed technology is Carrier’s exclusive Infinity® control. The control uses all the information it knows about your comfort choices, your home’s energy use, the system as a whole and even the temperature outdoors to communicate with the system. So new Infinity systems with Greenspeed intelligence continually respond to the Infinity control’s commands to adjust with great precision to the comfort needs of the home.

Carrier® adaptable-speed products are able to uniquely respond to the Infinity® control’s commands due to their ability to adapt their heating or cooling output in tiny increments. Contact us today in Stevensville, St. Joseph & New Buffalo, MI to get started.