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Are you looking to replace or upgrade your existing Heating and Cooling system in Stevensville, St. Joseph or New Buffalo, MI? Need a new Heating and Cooling system for your home or business?  Five Star Heating & Air Conditioning has what you need!


Whether you live in the cold North and need the high-efficiency of a condensing gas furnace or the moderate South and can do just fine with a little less efficiency, you'll still enjoy ultimate comfort with these Infinity series furnaces. Variable-speed blower technology and a two-stage gas valve help make them very quiet, not to mention efficient.

If that's not enough, Comfort FanTM technology and other Infinity level features are sure to please. Models include condensing and non-condensing furnaces.


Presenting a reliable, energy efficient and quiet way to cool your space—no matter how much space you have.

In addition to a traditional air conditioner, our Performance series line includes a compact unit for tighter installations.

Both types can operate more quietly than most dishwashers and offer impressive SEER ratings.


Our Performance series thermostats feature stylish, ultra-slim designs with easy-to-read screens and even easier-to-use interfaces.

Available in programmable, and non-programmable models, (Learn More) this line offers models to precisely adjust temperature and manage humidity, both of which are essential when creating a Hybrid Heat® system.

These thermostats can be used with either Performance™ or Comfort™ series systems.


Designed for unsurpassed cooling and heating comfort, this compact wall system boasts a staggering energy-efficiency rating of up to 23SEER. And likewise, as a heat pump, it gives seriously impressive HSPF ratings of up to 10.0.

Plus it comes with a lot of bells and whistles, despite the fact that the inside unit is whisper-quiet (as low as 26 decibels).

It includes a 5-speed fan, a wireless remote—and enhanced summertime dehumidification, thanks to a variable-speed compressor.